Sunday, May 9, 2010

SO excited!!

I have never really been a crafty person, in case you didn't know. My mom is mad awesome quilter and my sister can think up any craft idea and stitch it together in no time. Then, there is me. The one who has to call Mom or Clare anytime I get an inkling to do something even remotely crafty. They both are very good at decoding my questions when I don't know the technical names for any of the items I need to purchase, and they can always tell me which type of fabric I need for each project. Apparently, over time, somethings are starting to stick! I'm in the process of putting together a couple birthday gifts and I am SO stinkin' excited to share them!! Unfortunately, I can't post anything on here yet because one of the gifts is for my friend Elise's daughter Emory's upcoming first birthday. (I know you said no gifts necessary, but deal with it. We are coming and bearing a super cute little gift!!)

So, basically, I can't tell you anything about what I'm up to...but if I have peaked your curiosity at all, just text me and I'll send you a picture of what I'm working on! (O: (Elise, this does not go for'll have to wait~!) (O:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

These things are EVERYWHERE!!

I'm not sure if this is due to living in the country, the field across the street, or a recently vacant house now full of life...but we have a problem. A Spider Problem. This is serious business. I'm not talking one little guy here and there...I'm talking killing at least 5 A DAY!

I am overly, irrationally afraid of all 8-legged stalkers and HATE that creepy crawly feeling I get when I've seen one. Even after I have smashed him into oblivion and I have his guts in the papertowel to prove it, I still feel icky all over and will swat at myself for hours, feeling phantom spiders crawling on me. (to add to this...Jason just came in to tell me when need to also watch ourselves and Zeke for he just plucked one off his knee after his run. AHH!!)

I guess this post is rather pointless too...seeing as there isn't anything anyone can do about this dilemma...but I had to get it off my chest! I am now scanning every corner and the ceiling of every room upon entering it to see if a new "friend" has taken up residency. Hopefully after a little while, we will kill enough of them that they will spread the word and move on...

Oh, did I mention that our vacuum cleaner broke so I can't even just suck them up anymore...we actually have to get physical. Gross.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paid off = BROKEN

That is what I kept telling Jason...we paid off our van loan with part of our tax return and I knew that meant something would break on it. Isn't that always the way? As soon as you pay something off, it breaks. Or, as soon as you get some money built up in savings, something major happens and wipes your savings back out. It's like, Murphey's Law or something!

To be fair, we have been having a little trouble with the van for several months now...but it just started getting worse and worse. Let me set the scene for you:

Yesterday, we drove to Granite to have lunch with Jason's mom and his grandparents. We weren't intending on a long visit, just chat at lunch, hit a real-sized Walmart for groceries and head home. If only it were that easy...after lunch, the van wouldn't start. I don't mean a problem with the engine or anything like that (thankfully). The key just will not turn. At. All. Same problem as usual...but, usually we can get it to turn after some serious jiggling. Nope. Nada.

Jason calls a friend who is a tow truck driver (Ugh, I'm already thinking about THAT bill...) But luckily, this nice man told us a little trick to try. His oldest daughter used to have the same van, and apparently Chrysler makes bad ignitions. The trick works and we are able to drive the van to the local repair shop (Jason's entire family all uses the same place, so it was kind of lucky that this happened while nearby!)

This little adventure turned our "Short and Sweet" lunch trip into a whole day ordeal. We sat around for a few hours at Jason's parent's house with the whole family, which was nice. But Jason apparently wasn't planning to stay for dinner, so I asked WHY we were still there...we still needed to get to Walmart and hopefully make it home at a decent hour. That didn't happen either. We made it to Walmart around 6, and Emilia did pretty well for being hungry and missing lots of her nap...then the drive home and Emilia was in bed by 9:30! We have been getting her to bed by 8, most nights...

We are still waiting to hear how much this will cost us, but Jason thinks it will be rather fix it they have to take off the steering wheel and something else just to get to the spot to look at it. So, Jason just gave them a list of a few other things that we wanted to have checked out anyway...I have a bad feeling! (Don't we always when dropping a vehicle off for's never cheap!)

Moral of the Story: Don't ever pay anything off unless you're ready to have it break down! (O: