Sunday, May 9, 2010

SO excited!!

I have never really been a crafty person, in case you didn't know. My mom is mad awesome quilter and my sister can think up any craft idea and stitch it together in no time. Then, there is me. The one who has to call Mom or Clare anytime I get an inkling to do something even remotely crafty. They both are very good at decoding my questions when I don't know the technical names for any of the items I need to purchase, and they can always tell me which type of fabric I need for each project. Apparently, over time, somethings are starting to stick! I'm in the process of putting together a couple birthday gifts and I am SO stinkin' excited to share them!! Unfortunately, I can't post anything on here yet because one of the gifts is for my friend Elise's daughter Emory's upcoming first birthday. (I know you said no gifts necessary, but deal with it. We are coming and bearing a super cute little gift!!)

So, basically, I can't tell you anything about what I'm up to...but if I have peaked your curiosity at all, just text me and I'll send you a picture of what I'm working on! (O: (Elise, this does not go for'll have to wait~!) (O:

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elise said...

you sell yourself short also, my friend. just because it doesn't come as naturally doesn't mean you aren't good at it-- you quite the successful crafty momma in my humble opinion:O)